5 day Cleanse with Sakara Life

15 January, 2017

January is the time of year to start a cleanses or detoxes and walk into the new year healthy (and recover from the holidays). I had heard great things about a few cleanses so I decided to try the organic meal delivery from Los Angeles based company Sakara Life. Fresh, organic meals that are planted based, gluten free, portioned and delivered to my door step sounds like a great way to start 2017 (and a little gift to myself)! I usually diet or believe in big new year’s resolutions but I thought this would be a fun experiment and a way to say yes to a new adventure in my culinary and health world!

Tuesday: I work from home, lots of fabric research today!

My first package of food arrives (yeah!). I pick it up and it is huge and heavy inside there are little ice packs keeping everything cool and pretty packaging description what to eat when and why it is good for me. Exciting! I rearrange the fridge and get ready for 5 days of no cooking, cleaning and eating lots of healthy new things. My first meal is a Rawvioli with cashew cheese, roasted broccolini, pine nut pesto and lots of greens, it is so delicious! I almost have myself convinced I could be vegetarian. Surprised by how many greens there are but I ate almost all of them (4-5 servings of greens)! My husband is on his own this week and gets Mexican take out and beer but I am not tempted at all because I feel so special with all these beautiful pre-made meals to get excited about. After dinner and before bed comes the evening water which is meant to alkalize my body and has chlorella in it. Tastes pretty good and feeling like I’m on the road to health already, especially since I have eaten so many green things today and it is only day 1.

Wednesday: I have a new client meeting.

Woke up a little hungry, drank my morning water which is infused with rose and is again alkaline. I loved it! Floral and lovely in a tiny bottle packaged just for me. Then ate my chicory and coconut yogurt for breakfast before working out. It tasted like chocolate and had little orange pieces in it. Delightful and filling compared to the green juice and latte I usually have after I work out.  Off to a Dailey Method barre class and felt content, not stuffed, and not empty (I usually work out on an empty stomach). Working out was easy and I wasn’t famished afterwards. So enjoying the change! Had a busy day of appointments and a new client meeting. Spend hours pouring over fabric choices, submitting paperwork to showrooms and on emails. So lunch happened pretty late… around 3 pm and I dove into the Mermaid Salad. Again, lots of greens and a delicious dressing with sea veggies I have never heard of. Made it through most of the salad but not that into the seaweed so had a hard time eating the seaweed rolls. Dinner is a roasted red potato salad with sweet balsamic dressing, some asparagus and dried berries. I can feel myself getting a little grumpy, perhaps going through a little carb withdrawal since this is all gluten free. I decide to warm up the meal… they say you can… and wilt the spinach so that I can eat a warm meal. Heated it is delicious and and feels like eating something other than another salad. I miss some of my late night snacks so I eat the detox bar that came. I have a cup of red roobios rose and lemon detox tea and off to bed. 

Thursday: I visit a fabric showroom and work from home on a mood board.

I wake hungry, drink my alkaline rose water and am very excited for my breakfast – AvoCacao Probiotic Pudding with a Lavender Tea Biscuit. Tastes like heaven, is packed with probiotics and I learn avocado promotes progesterone production to keep my hormones in check. So tasty, I wish I could buy this prepared breakfast at the grocery store. Lunch the Daydreamer Soba Bowl and it is my second favorite meal so far. The soba noodles have magnesium which is suppose to help my body absorb healthy nutrients. I heat it up in a large skillet slightly wilting the green, toss in the noodles, mushrooms and tahini dressing and devour. I will definitely keep me eye out for more soba noodles in my future. soba-noodle-bowl

Dinner is a Garlic BBQ burger made of different veggies and another dose of daily greens. Eating a cold dinner alone is feels depressing so I saute again and enjoy. The butternut squash and beets and garlic of the burger is delicious. It does take me longer to eat because of all the greens which I am not use to. It is also a lot of chewing. I try to sit down to eat these meals, even if I am alone, and set the table or put some flowers on the table to set the mood and it makes eating vegetables so much more fun!

I have not feel hungry at all mid or late day. The biggest difference I notice is I wake up hungry for breakfast and eat before I work out, which I don’t usually do. I have also noticed I am going to bed earlier rather that staying up to watch tv or snack. My skin feels clearer and my body does not feel inflammed or bloated which I guess it was before. I feel lighter in my body.

Friday: I have a lunch date and work from home.

Ate my breakfast bar and rose water before rushing off to a cycle class at The Dailey Method in Boulder. I did not work out yesterday so I am curious to see how it feels on this different diet. I feel more grounded and calmer in class and am still able to spin for 45 minutes. One big difference I notice while working out is my sweat does not smell which is lovely. I have been doing the 20 classes in 30 days challenge and I am happy I can still cycle and barre while doing this cleanse as well. I have my red roobios tea which is nice on a cold morning and does satiate me until lunch. Socially I have had to change some plans so I can stay focused on my cleanse. It feels nice to take a step back from my routines and re-evaluate and make these small adjustments. I am committed to going to Leaf and Zeal this week so I can stay on track and be social. Taking the time for myself to mindfully sit down and eat forces me to prioritize myself. Self care takes time and speaking up for myself but I have noticed lots of people are supportive which is nice. I took my mung bean salad bowl over to my mom’s to catch up after the holidays. I was really hungry by noon and feeling a little light headed, but I have clear skin to show for it and my digestion feels better. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t dreaming of a burger and cocktail for dinner tonight and since there is no Friday night meal (did they anticipate I would need a date night with my husband or a break?) I got on date night with my husband and have a burger and a beautiful glass of 2013 Story Teller Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley. Having cut out alcohol, caffeine, carbs, sugar etc for the last few days I savor this indulgence and notice all the velvety notes of this beautiful glass of red wine. Not cleanse approved but it’s Friday, I need a mini break and to feel social! 

Saturday: A day to relax at home with the hubby and puppy.

I woke up feeling inflamed and congested – was it the meat, the cheese, the gluten, the alcohol – I’ll never know, but am eager to get back to it. Rose water and a Yoga Bunny Breakfast; a muffin with some raspberries and a carrot sauce which is delicious and suppose to be good for my heart. I eat my lunch plated and with my husband. He can put away our leftovers from last night in half the time it takes me to eat all my greens from the sweet beet and toasted cashew medley. Lesson learned, it is hard to detox when your partner isn’t – 3 days of detox alone is good, but 5 is hard! Today is the weekend so I take it easy, go to the hot tub, take a nap, catch up on some planning for my sister’s birthday/engagement dinner and take the dog for a nice walk. Dinner rolls around and it is a turmeric toast with a creamy cashew ranch for the second helping of greens today. I devour the toast, the change in texture is nice, and warm the greens with the dressing. I see an apple and can smell how sweet it is. Not having any sugar for four days has made me more sensitive to the smell of sugar and I think I  I can tell I am craving something sweet. Perhaps an apple for dessert is the new chocolate cake! I miss cooking for myself and my husband and enjoying the same meals together. I think the meal delivery is great for weekdays but hard on weekends, especially in the winter when looking at greens in a plastic container isn’t that appealing. Also, detoxing brings up some buried emotions and I find myself crying a little this afternoon. It sounds cheesy (oh cheese, how I miss you) but it’s true.

Sunday: I take a barre class, get some support, and am ready to try things on my own!

It’s my last day on the cleanse and I have to say I am excited to be able to make some of my own food again and have choices. I have felt the last two days like I had a rebellious four year old in my body when I have to sit down to eat my prepackaged meals. I’ve been emotional and tired. After eating my pineapple upside down bar I go to a Dailey Method barre class which is harder than usual. My body is changing so I notice the class is harder. After class I talk to two of my favorite teachers Michele and Cece about my cleanse and it was so nice to get support and hear their stories on the Conscious Cleanse they have been doing. I felt better about being tired and emotional and a little grumpy too! They introduce the idea of 80/20 to me and I like it! Following the guidelines 80 percent of the time seems doable. Feeling inspired I go to the grocery store and pick up some ingredients from my favorite meals this week to integrate into our lives. I realize my patterns grocery shopping, going to movies, even eating socially haven’t been very mindful more out of routine. I am going to try and choose more gluten and dairy free options! I pick up coconut chia pudding, gluten free bread (so I can still have my beloved avocado toast), soba noodles (instead of white pasta), strawberries to assuage my sweet tooth, cashews and walnuts to garnish on salads and for healthy snacks. I feel excited that I am almost done and a little scared but better since I have prepared with this grocery trip. My fridge is loaded with greens, berries, chia seed pudding and my pantry has healthy super grains like quinoa and millet and soba noodles. So I am hoping I can love my body a little more easily with my food choices. One of my biggest take aways is what a real salad portion looks like – 4 cups of greens! See isn’t that a lot more than you thought?! 


As hard as it was, 5 days of detox eating was worth it. I finally got that cleanse glow!If you are interested in trying the Sakara food delivery email me at for a 15% off reference code. Love, Nancy


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