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24 June, 2017

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”  

Pablo Picasso

I couldn’t agree more. I love art. I started in the creative industry working in art on Rodeo Drive and sold contemporary and mid-century fine art in California, Colorado and Newport, Rhode Island. I love the way art tells a story, inspires and works as a palette for a room or a mood. Although it has been awhile since I have sold or managed a gallery my first love is art. It’s a sanctuary, a spring board and a way of understanding people, history and time. I have a few local and national artists who have been on my mind and whom I have loved meeting or admire from afar. 

Locally I like Sally Mina and Sarah Kinn and in broader contemporary strokes I like James Nares, Ellsworth Kelly, Mark Rothko, and Gary Komarin. The use of colour, brushwork and whimsy in all of these artists is inspiring and each has their own fresh take on how they view their work and their process.

I love the ethereal quality to Sally Mina‘s work; soft, colourful, and relaxing. I first saw it at Alchemy Face Bar in Boulder and then met Sally in Denver. She couldn’t be more lovely and authentic to her love of art and so kind. Sarah Kinn is another local artist whose work has been in the Denver Art Museum and her use of colour and motion is fun, playful and an abstract take on natural elements like flowers, sunsets and seasons. She does beautiful custom work too!

Another art crush I have right now is James Nares and his gorgeous brushwork. It is at once elegant and approachable, simple and so gorgeous. If you were a Gossip Girl fan you may have noticed his work in the lobby building of Lily and Bart’s home.

I also love the whimsy, simplicity and decadence of Gary Komarin‘s cake series. I first saw it in person at Robischon Gallery in Denver and dream of using his work in a kitchen or children’s room for an interior styling project soon. His cake series is my favorite. With fun colour combinations and the word cake or gateau written at the top of the painting it is just so fun and celebratory!

I also admire the power and simplicity of Ellsworth Kelly, Mark Rothko and Cy Twombly. All beautiful and timeless work. Ellsworth Kelly is a master of simplicity and form with the line. I have seen his wood sculptures at the Boston Museum of Fine Art and of course his famous botanical sketches.

Mark Rothko’s colour field work I find immensely soothing and suggestive of emotions and thoughts. I loved the first time I visited the Rothko chapel in the Menil Art Collection in Houston, Texas. It is a local art trip worth taking. In addition to the Rothko chapel and the permanent collection there was a smaller gallery dedicated to Cy Twombly and another more industrial space with Dan Flavin‘s light installations.  It’s a beautiful juxtaposition of several different artist and a creative take on zoning. A few city blocks have been painted Menil gray, a specific colour, and it creates this cool little arts neighborhood. 

Some of my favorite places to day trip from Boulder are to the Denver Art Museum, the Clyfford Stills Museum in Denver and the Robischon Gallery in Denver.  If you are looking for a little get away or some eye candy, here are a few of my favorites pieces right now. xo



James Nares Yellow

Yellow brushwork by James Nares

James Nares

“After the Rain” by James Nares

Gary Komarin - Cake Painting  cake-pink


Gary Komarin’s Cake Paintings 


Dreamy colour and textured painting by Sally Mina


Beautiful colour in “Balinese Sunset” by Sarah Kinn


Custom piece by Sarah Kinn for Boulder Pilates 

"Poppy" (2010) by Ellsworth Kelly is shown in this undated handout photo released to the media on Aug. 13, 2012. Kelly says that he has drawn plants for so long because they were always available to him. Source: Ellsworth Kelly via Bloomberg

I love the simplicity and elegance of the floral sketches of Ellsworth Kelly, seen here in “Poppy”.


Mark Rothko’s beautiful blue colour field work.



Cy Twombly


Dan Flavin’s art installation at the Menil Collection

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