Mixing Prints

22 October, 2015

Often clients struggle over little details like throw pillows or fabric choices. What I try to emphasis is that as long as things are in the same colour family, say orange, your choices will work well together.  Adding multiple prints in the same colour family is fun and often more interesting to the eye. Try to avoid duplicating prints; if you have a rug with a moroccan tile motif, try polk a dots, an abstract print or stripes for the pillows. Avoid the matchy matchy tendancy of getting pillows with a moroccan motif also. If you are looking to add another colour to a room, you can do that by either staying in the same tone of colour, for example a lavender and a soft sky blue, add a nuetral such as gray or cream to add interest but keep things simple, or add a pop of colour like pink to create some energy and excitement. Try to tie every element in your room back to your colour palette to keep your eye moving and provide balance in the design.

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