Once Upon A Pillow with Rebecca Vizard

21 October, 2016

Rebecca Vizard is know for her exquisite eye and adoration for some of the world’s most coveted textiles. Originally Rebecca entered the design world as an interior designer after studying art. However, her frustration with the time, effort and expense of making pillows for her own projects led her to her present world of pillows. As her pillow sales increased she exited interior design and found herself very happy to be able to perfect her pillow designs.

Rebecca uses rare textiles to design a range of products from dog collars to jackets, stockings and of course her signature one of a kind pillows. Rebecca specializes in antique textile pillows and accessories and with her new book “Once Upon A Pillow” hopes to imbue her reader with the idea that these pillows and the fabrics they are created from are as much of an art form as jewelry.

Rebecca began her business with only $75 and after sharing her story, found other people whispering their creative dreams to her and pleading for her to write a book. When I ask Rebecca what her hope for this book is she says “… to teach people about these wonderful textiles and make them appreciate not only the many hours we put into making these pillows, but the labor and talent of the original artists who created the textile years, and sometimes centuries, ago.”

I discovered Rebecca Vizard through her Canine Couture dog collars and leashes. She had been using the Fortuny fabric scraps from her pillows to create designer dog accessories at her daughter’s suggestion. I was disappointed with the dog products I had seen in stores, so I was delighted when I heard about B. Viz Designs and the couture dog collars and leashes Rebecca was making! Today Rebecca sells more Fortuny dog collars than Fortuny pillows. She backs the collars and leashes with an odor resistant thick natural linen rather than nylon, so they are beautiful, practical and do not hold a smell.

One of my favorite prints is a Canestralli Fortuny in pink and white. Canestrelli is a 16th century design named for Venetian scallop shell and has a Persian influence. My Birdie has a collar in this beautiful pink print and the fabric is easy to wash and it fulfills my design cravings for a pretty puppy collar.

I love how curated and special each piece is in the collection. I live by the motto of fewer better things and Rebecca’s designs fit the bill. In a world increasingly dependent on immediate gratification and accustom to artificial materials, I love the authenticity behind Rebecca’s products, and the heirloom fabrics and textiles she brings to life with her designs. As noted by Architectural Digest, “To some, throw pillows are an afterthought. To Rebecca Vizard they are an art form.”


 pillow          veranda_86-lr   veranda_88-lr


  img_9252                    canestrelli              dsc_6375

                       fortuny-dog-collar             dsc_6560-copy-lr


Have your copy of Rebecca’s book “Once Upon A Pillow” signed in person next Thursday October 27th! For the first time Rebecca will be in Denver for a pillow trunk show and book signing at Griffin Design Source at the Shops on 9th Avenue, 899 Broadway. Open to the public from 10 am – 2 pm. Come and learn about the beauty of fabrics and pillows.


Once Upon A Pillow

“Rebecca Vizard has built a following for plush accessories hand-sewn from antique textiles. Once Upon a Pillow displays how a simple square of down can completely transform a room.”

Veranda Magazine



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