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23 June, 2017

It’s that time of year when you can take design and style to the outdoors and create an outdoor living space that feels like a your own personal park and a place of serenity. Right now I am crushing on backyards with edited, manicured and simple yards, borders and dining areas. I love the gravel terraces in Provence and the disciplined gardens of London and am using that for my inspiration in keeping materials simple and clean and focusing on silhouettes and defined spaces. Pea gravel, boxwoods, peonies, pergolas and plunge pools help define a space and suggest a way to relax and unwind. A little patch of grass for dogs, kids and to walk barefoot to enjoy the season, sunshine and long summer nights. I also love the idea of a stylish horizontal slat fence for privacy so you can sunbath, dine or wander your backyard without seeing the neighbor’s yard or who is looking in on you. Privacy and simplicity are the goals! The simpler you keep it the more any specific detail can shine. Place one simple sculpture in a well manicured yard and it becomes a highlight. Here, a few images of yards, patios and terraces that are inspiring my re-design, and hopefully can inspire yours too! xo


Love the pea gravel, boxwoods and grass pavers in front of this high contrast black and white house. Design by @hillrondero


Again, beautiful Provence style pea gravel for a dining area and organized pavers for a backyard path. Design by @windsorsmithhome


This is Suzanne Kasler’s backyard as seen in Architectural Digest and I love the example of a pergola for an outdoor living room, a separate dining area and boxwoods and pea gravel to define the outdoor space. It just says welcome and makes you want to linger and relax.


A gravel border around a perfectly manicured piece of grass is like a frame on a piece of art it finishes the look and also provides a little path to stroll with puppies or kiddos.


Pea gravel looks more sophisticated and neutral than mulch and I love the way you can use it to create a ground level dining area rather than building a deck. This yard is oh so simple and lovely.


A peony hedge for along side the privacy fence is beautiful and adds colour and femininity. I like the idea of a single variety for simplicity.


Another example of a gravel bordered yard with a flower border along the fence line; practical and beautiful.


Peonies and boxwoods make a to die for hedge!


A plunge pool to cool off on hot days and for kids, guest and dogs to play in during the summer.


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